Dentsu Data Artist Mongol LLC (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has established this Privacy Policy in accordance with Mongolian "Law on Protection of Personal Information", Japanese "Law on Protection of Personal Information" and "Guidelines Concerning the Act on Protection of Personal Information" and expresses its commitment to the appropriate management and protection of personal information.

  • 1. Handling of personal information
    • (1) Purpose of the use
      Company will acquire personal information by fair and appropriate means and use it within the scope shown in "Purpose of the use" in Table 1 below.

      Company will use personal information other than those indicated in "Types of Personal Information" in Table 1 below only after notifying separately the purpose of the use, or obtaining prior consent from the individual concerned.

    • (2) Management of personal information as data processor
      Based on the contract concluded with our business partners, we will collect and process personal information within the scope of Table 2 "Personal Information acquired by the Company through Contracted Services" below. In the event that we become a contractor for the handling of personal information, we will manage the information in accordance with the following requirements:

      - Information is collected and processed under the supervision of a data owner
      - Edit, change, or delete information in accordance with the instruction from data owner
      - Provide reports or other matters arising from the collection and processing of personal information to the data owner
      - Retention of personal information obtained in the course of business
      - Return the results from information processing to the data owner at the specified date and time based on contractual obligations or delete the information in an irrecoverable condition.
      - We manage the safety control measures essential for the information management at all times and take further improvement measures as necessary.

    • (3) Management of Subcontractors
      As shown in Table 1 and Table 2 "Nature of work subject to outsourcing", the Company can outsource some of the operations related to personal information to subcontractors. The Company considers the management of contractors to be of the utmost importance, and when outsourcing operations, the Company selects companies that are recognized as having a sufficient level of protection for personal information, and includes all required obligations and responsibilities in the contract.
       In addition, the Company will require the subcontractor to handle personal information in an appropriate manner and will continuously supervise and audit the entity as necessary for the safe management of personal information. The Company will place an order to subcontractor only after obtaining the consignor's consent to re-consignment.

    • (4) Provision to Third Parties
      Company will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties except as stipulated in Law on Protection of Personal Information. When providing or disclosing information, we will comply with laws and respective regulations.

    • (5) Shared usage
      Company can share Personal Information that is indicated as "Yes" in Table 1 "Shared usage" section with Data Artist Inc., Parent of the Company. In such cases, the name, address and representative of the person responsible for the management of such Personal Information are as follows:
      Data Artist Inc.
      1-8-1 Hisgashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
      Satoru Yamamoto /Chief Executive Officer/
      In addition to above, Company can also share personal information with its group companies and business partners for the purpose of holding joint seminars, etc.
      In case of shared usage in above, the Company will ensure the security management among the joint users.

  • 2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    Company strictly complies with all relevant laws, regulations, contracts, and other rules regarding the protection of personal information.

  • 3. Safety control measures

    Company takes safety management measures to prevent leaks of personal information by establishing and improving systems for the protection of personal information, providing training and education to employees, controlling access to company buildings, and implementing information security measures. Personal information that is no longer in use will be securely disposed of or erased in an appropriate manner.

    If you would like to confirm the details of the security control measures, please contact through information shown in "5. Response to complaints and consultations" below.

  • 4. Continuous improvement

    Company will continuously review and improve its personal information protection management structure, including this policy, to maintain the appropriate handling and protection level of personal information in accordance with requests from the business partners and changes in social conditions.

  • 5. Response to complaints and consultations

    We have established following contact and will promptly respond to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information. We will also strive to improve our personal information protection management structure based on complaints and consultations received.

    Dentsu Data Artist Mongol LLC
    Personal Information office

  • 6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

    Company can change this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes in related laws on protection of personal information without consent of the users. This Privacy Policy and any changes will become effective upon publication on Company's website.

    This Privacy Policy will be prepared in Japanese as the original and Mongolian and English translations will be attached. In case of any discrepancy in meaning between the original and the translated versions, the original Japanese version shall prevail.

     [Table 1] Personal information obtained by the Company

    Types of Personal InformationPurpose of useMethod of acquisitionNature of work subject to outsourcing (whether or not outsourced)Shared usage (Yes/No)
    Personal information regarding customersTo provide guidance / contact regarding proposals, services, seminars and questionnaires etc.To obtain directly from the individual (business card, e-mail, etc.)Yes (sending out invitations for events and seminars, etc.)Yes
    Personal information regarding our business partnersTo provide guidance / contact regarding proposals, services etc.To obtain directly from the individual (business card, e-mail, etc.)NoYes
    Personal information regarding visitors to our companyTo connect to person in charge and access controlTo obtain directly from the individualNoNo
    Personal information regarding our employeesVarious business operations, development of business promotion systems, and human resource policiesTo obtain directly from the individualYes (human resource operations, payroll calculation, etc.)Yes
    Personal information regarding applicants who want to join our companyVarious operations and communication associated with application, hiring, and selection activities. Employee resume after recruitment and collection of other human resource related information.To obtain directly from the individualYes (general recruitment related activities such as selection, scheduling, contact, employee resume collection and summary of results etc.)No
    Personal information regarding personnel who have made an inquiry to our companyResponse to inquiries, requests and complaints, etc.To obtain directly from the individual (by telephone, e-mail, fax, letter, etc.)NoNo

      [Table 2] Personal Information acquired by the Company through Contracted Services

    Types of Personal Information Details of contracted services (Purpose of use)Nature of work subject to outsourcing (whether or not outsourced)
    Personal information entrusted to us by our business partners for outsourcingConducting consumer trend research, personalization (provision of information based on personal attributes and behavioral history), system development (users role setting) and other data analysis services as commissioned workYes (research, analysis, database server operations, system development etc.)
  • Approved date: August 2022
    Dentsu Data Artists Mongol LLC
    Unit 1310-1312, 13th floor, Central Tower
    Sukhbaatar Square-2, 8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar District
    Ulaanbaatar 14200, Mongolia
    Amarsanaa Agchbayar /Chief Executive Officer/